dxa2 oct 12

You'll be glad to know that.......

1  You do not have to come with a partner. There will be enough dancers to pair up with and if there are more women then men (or the other way round) you still will get a chance to practice the moves.

2 The more you dance in the freestyle the more confident you become and the quicker you learn.

3 Do not worry if you are a beginner or can’t seem to dance; we all were beginners at one point or another, so just keep trying and you will get there.

4 The women will ask the men to dance as often as the men will ask the women to dance.

5 Saying NO to someone who asks you for a dance is discouraged. We all need to learn, we all have different styles and this can have an effect on someone's confidence.

6 It does not matter if you miss a lesson, you will learn the moves sooner or later. Obviously, the more lessons you attend, the quicker you will progress.

7 Usually 6 to 8 Beginner Lessons are needed before you become confident to participate in the Improvers/Intermediate Lesson.

8 The teachers will be very approachable and only too happy to go through the routine with you or a specific move.

9 No violence or drunkenness will be tolerated and it is almost unheard of to find any of this kind of behaviour in such a venue. Inappropriate behaviour to the female dancers will also not be tolerated and anyone found to have one or a series of complaints towards them may be banned from the venue.

10 You are allowed to bring in your own drinks as this venue operates a BYO "Bring your own" policy.

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